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Add beauty and shade without the maintenance of wood but with a MULTISHADES aluminum pergola in wood finish.
Our aluminum pergolas are built to last by heavy duty-extruded aluminum that coated with a certified powder coating finish. To add strength, MULTISHADES aluminum pergolas are designed from the ground. Meanwhile, it hides common but ugly fasteners and brackets in other aluminum and vinyl sheds.
Decorative extruded aluminum profiles with high strength do not need to insert any reinforcing materials inside the profiles. Our aluminum pergolas are designed to assemble quickly and precisely in your yard, garden or on your patio. Also it will provide lasting, low-maintained enjoyment for you and your family for many years.

Business partner you can rely on

Multishades provides everything you need about decorative metal materials, we will best fit your business and boost your business sale, whether you are a retailer or brand owner.

For retailers

Foshan MULTISHADES Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years’ experience in metal manufacturing & retailing. that’s why Multishades fully understands what matters to our clients most and how to fulfill maximum business value to our partner. Thanks to our innovative manufacturing technology and rigorous quality control management, retailers worldwide are taking full advantage of Multishades offerings to boost their business performance.

For brand owners

We work closely with renowned brand owners around the globe to deliver industry-tailored and comprehensive solutions. Our professional R & D team members are ready to help equipped with comprehensive industry knowledge and deep capabilities required to deliver real value to your business.

For project contractors

100+ big projects experience in decorative metal products, including aluminum, stainless steel, brass etc makes Multishades capable of solving every concern of project managers. Multisahdes is not only an excellent supplier but also a solution provider customized for your need.

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